How to grow Cannabis in small spaces?

Using appropriate grow light is vital to make your Cannabis survive and thrive healthy in a micro space. One of the perfect grow lights is LEDs since you can place them close to the canopy without burning or bleaching your Cannabis plants. Avoid using HPS and HPI lights since they produce too much heat.

Ideally, LED panels are best used for micro growing. A 15 Watt panel can produce up to 3000 lumens. It produces almost no heat making your Cannabis plants safe from burning and bleaching. Also, it does not take up too much space since the panel measures 130mm×110mm only.

You may also use 60 Watts LED panel for micro growing. Upon use, keep it running for 25-50% of its light capacity to control the Cannabis stretch during the vegetative stage. During the flowering stage, raise it to 50-75%.

The question now is where to position your grow lights?

If you are a traditional indoor farmer, you will set the grow light directly above the canopy. However, this setup will not work as a micro grower in small spaces. Thus, making it not the best option for growing light position.

If you are growing Cannabis plants in small vertical spaces such as grow boxes, small cupboards, or furniture pieces, placing your grow lights along one or multiple sides of your Cannabis plants would be best. It will allow you to develop a more extensive canopy. Also, it will improve light penetration through the canopy. Since you are only utilizing limited space, it will also prevent your Cannabis plants from stretching towards the top of your grow space.

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