Why did my Cannabis plants stop growing?

Knowing the causes of stunted growth of your Cannabis plants can give you ideas on how to grow your plants healthier and faster. Follow these pieces of advice to make your Cannabis plants grow inches a day. Also, following them will fix the stunted growth of your Cannabis plants.

Fixing Light Intensity Issues

If stunted growth is due to a light-related problem, you need to adjust your light’s intensity. If you are growing indoors, place your hands under the growing light for about 30 seconds to test whether it needs adjustment. If it is too hot for you, it is also too hot for your Cannabis plants.

If you suspect the stunted growth of your Cannabis plant is due to a lack of lighting, increase the power of the light or bring it closer to the crop when growing indoors. If you are cultivating Cannabis plants outdoor, move your plant to a sunnier spot.

If stunted growth is due to too much light, decrease light intensity or move your growing light further away from the canopy when cultivating Cannabis indoors. If you are growing Cannabis plants outdoor, move your plants to a place where light is diffused, like around a tree.

Fixing Damage Tissues

If your Cannabis plants got injured, the only thing you can do about it is found out its cause. The following may help you fix damaged tissues:

  • If strong winds damage the branches, you have to support them with a bamboo stake or similar.
  • If an object fell on your Cannabis plants and broke its branch, try to fix it using duct tape to hold it in place until it heals.
  • If the damage results from tying the branches too tight, remove them and tie them again.

If you are cultivating Cannabis plants outdoors, you need to locate your crops in a place safe from strong winds and heavy rains. You may also use wire and stakes to serve as support.

Fixing Environment Issues

Ensuring your growing environment is at optimum is vital to avoiding environment-related issues. Regulate the temperature between 77°-86° Fahrenheit (25°-30° Celsius) since Cannabis plants metabolize best during this daytime temperature. Also, you have to adjust the humidity in every stage of your Cannabis plants. Keep it at 60% relative humidity during the seedling stage, 50% during the vegetative stage, and 40% during the flowering stage.

Fixing Root Problems

Providing enough oxygen, regulating temperature, choosing the correct container, and watering only when needed can help you fix root problems.

Suppose the root problem is due to either overwatering or underwatering. In that case, it is recommended to water your plant twice a day at first, focusing more on frequency rather than amount during the seedling stage. Then, daily watering is advisable when using small pots during the vegetative stage. Switch to watering every two days if you have large containers. During the flowering stage, your plants consume the same volume of water as they did during the late phase of the vegetative stage.

Thick and muddy soil will deter roots from absorbing enough oxygen for your Cannabis plants. Thus, using healthy soil is a must to let roots absorb oxygen and essential nutrients for the healthy growth of your crops.

Planting your Cannabis plants in a right-size container will make roots spread out and grow accordingly without getting damaged and twisted. When your plant grows bigger, you need to transfer it to a larger container to avoid rootbound roots. Also, make sure to have an appropriate drainage hole in your potted plants for runoff water. You may also add perlite to improve drainage at the roots. To select the appropriate pot for your Cannabis, refer to the table below:

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