How to spot root rot in Cannabis?

The fungi Pythium is the main culprit that attacks the root of your Cannabis plants. Usually, they attack seeds and seedlings, putting the young crops’ lives at threat. They adversely affect those already weak, damaged, and or nutrient-deficient crops.

Using soil as a growing medium is prone to root rot when water stagnates. If your Cannabis plants sit on water exposed to light for a long time, the roots connect to a breeding ground for the harmful organism.

Aside from that, several factors may trigger your crops that will result in root rot. Thus, you have to be careful with the following to make your Cannabis plants safe from the destructive disease:

High Soil or Water Temperature

Cannabis plants are prone to root problems at higher temperatures. A warm reservoir makes it easier for bacteria to reproduce.

Too Cold Grow Room

The excessive low temperature in your growing medium can shock your Cannabis plants’ roots and make them wilt. Later, resulting in root rot.


Overwatering your crops can result in the dampness of your growing medium. As a result, it will provide an ideal place for unwanted fungi to thrive. In addition, the absence of drainage holes in your pot can cause water to stagnate.

Muddy or Thick Soil

If your soil is too thick or muddy, it will prevent roots from getting enough oxygen. Ideally, the soil has to be rich and fluffy.

Small Plants in a Big Pot

Seedlings planted in a big container will experience the trouble of getting oxygen at the roots. Also, overwatering in their pot will drown your seedlings.

Big Plants in a Small Pot

There is a big chance of overwatering in a small pot planted with big Cannabis plants. Thus, your crop can’t drink up all the water in the soil.

Overgrown Plant in a Container

When your plant has overgrown its container, the roots will start circling the outside of the container, resulting in watering and nutrient problems. Your crops become rootbound, developing roots into a dense and twisted that they can no longer allow space for further growth.

Growing in a Hydroponics System

Root rot is very likely to happen when growing in a hydroponic system. It occurs when there is not enough oxygen in the water. Also, the absence of air rock that will oxygenate the water can cause oxygen deficiency.

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