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People in Boston are given vast choices when it comes to dispensaries. With the numerous and endless selection of Boston dispensaries, we have listed the top 5 dispensaries in Boston for 2022. These best dispensaries are selected based on location, service and product quality, atmosphere, and more.

Seed: Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Boston

It is a Recreational Cannabis Dispensary and Curated Cannabis Market in Boston, MA, United States. They are known for their excellent customer service and the atmosphere of museum experience that pays homage to pioneers and activists of the War on Drugs, which paved the way for the legal market in Boston possible. To know more about Seed, you may visit their website to gain additional information regarding their products and services.

Mission Brookline Cannabis Dispensary

The Mission is another highest-rated Cannabis Dispensary in Boston, MA, United States. Customers always praise its great look, its convenient experience, and its excellent customer service, especially for those users who are intimidated by the new procedure in purchasing legal Cannabis.

They also have vast options of Cannabis products such as coveted flower strains, various carts, and pre-rolls. They also market ramen seasoning that is best for a late-night snack.

You may visit the website of the Mission to learn more about its unique Cannabis offerings.

Berkshire Roots Cannabis Dispensary

This dispensary has multiple locations in Massachusetts, either in Boston or Pittsfield. Nonetheless, both cities offer the same quality of products and services that users enjoy. They sell pre-rolls, and best-quality concentrates. Aside from that, they also market excellent quality edibles like gummies, chocolates, and different tinctures.

On top of their best products, the place is also calming and modern, which makes the Cannabis experience of users more memorable. To know more about Berkshire Roots, you may visit its website to look into its products and services.

Happy Valley Medical Marijuana and Recreational Dispensary

Another highest-rated dispensary in Boston, MA, United States is Happy Valley. They offer vast options of Cannabis products like flowers, edibles, and cartridges. Aside from that, their excellent customer service keeps every customer coming here to Happy Valley.

Happy Valley will also make heavyweight smokers happier with the availability of their high-THC and Delta 9 THC products. You may visit Happy Valley’s website for more information about its products and services.

Affinity Dispensaries Boston

When customers are asked about their experience in Affinity, another dispensary in Boston, MA, United States, nothing but praises are all around. This is due to their superb customer service, where their clients receive top-notch treatment leading to the dispensary’s high rating. Another thing that makes Affinity more impressive is its flower and cartridge selection.

To know more about the services and products of Affinity, you may visit their website.

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