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A joint roller is a smoker’s aid to roll a joint. This is only if said person has no talent or patience to roll a good joint. That’s where the joint roller comes in handy. This joint roller gives you the ability to roll perfect joints. No more zombie finger joint.

When you’re tired of rolling sloppy joints, the joint roller comes to the rescue with a simple roll and smoke mechanism. Having friends over to smoke will be more fun when you’re using a joint roller to prepare those perfect joints and pass them around.

While rolling the conventional way, by hand is still the norm. This method is still used today by millions of smokers. At the same time, using a joint roller gives you more control. You can make a thick joint if you want to. When it’s your last little bit of weed and your waiting for the delivery man to swing over. You can make any size joint with the joint roller. In many ways, it’s a handy thing to have at home.


Types of joint rollers

Joint rollers are not only manually made, there are electrical machines for those extra lazy people out there. The great thing is that you just add the ingredients and the paper and voila. The machine roles the perfect joint. With a machine, you could roll out more joints per hour as you could by hand.

If you’re super lazy to roll a joint, then the machine is for you, if you have a lot of friends you smoke with and you hate it when it’s your turn to roll the joints then definitely get one.

However, if you’re like me, just wanna make an innocent joint to relax. Then the manual joint roller is for you.

Brands and sizes of joint rollers

Joint rollers are very popular. Because of this, the market place has produced various different makes. Joint rollers comes in different sizes too. Some may be limited in the size of smoking paper it is able to use.  It is still worth the time rolling a joint of any size in a good joint roller.

Why are more people using joint rollers.

I guess it’s more convenient to roll a joint with the joint roller. You can make a joint without messing cannabis all over the place. You don’t look like you’re taking holy communion with your hands up and your tongue out trying to roll the perfect joint.

I hated it when my friends and I would get together. It would be my turn to roll five or six king sized joints (yes the weed was that bad) for everyone to smoke. We were still young and we were hiding the cannabis lifestyle, or at least we tried.

People knew we smoked, but because we spent most of our time making jokes and laughing. People eventually just hung out with us. Nevertheless, I wish I had a joint roller in those days.

The joint roller is a great invention that every stoner, pothead or weed smoker should have. You can still roll your joint the old fashioned way if you like. When friends come over and you need to produce three joints in a hurry, the joint roller will help take the stress off a little.

It’s so simple to use that anyone could use it, this way you can pass it to someone and they just need some pointers and they’re on their way to rolling the perfect joint.

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