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Medical Marijuana Certification For Depression And Anxiety

Over 14 million Americans have occasional bouts of major depression, and nearly 20% of the U.S. population struggles with an anxiety disorder. In response to these epidemics, many people are turning to medical marijuana. Some see it as a natural alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals, which can be habit-forming and carry adverse side effects.  But does […]

The Only Weed Storage Box You’ll Ever Need

1. A Cannabis Humidor Preserves Potency   Cannabis grown in 2023 definitely packs a punch, as new genetic and cultivation techniques have allowed growers to develop extremely high testing strains. The stuff that Cheech and Chong were smoking back in the day is a far cry from what gets sold in dispensaries today. But cannabis […]

The 5 Best High Activities While Experiencing Positive Effects Of Cannabis

Munchies: The Never-Ending Adventure No matter what type of cannabis you are using, it is almost a guarantee that you will experience an increase in hunger on some level. This often comes in the form of the ‘munchies’, an overpowering desire for food. Luckily, this side effect can be used to your advantage. There are […]

Weed Delivery Through UberEats in Toronto

The cumbersome regulations imposed on the cannabis industry are one reason this partnership could be revolutionary for dispensary operators. One of the three cannabis retailers selected to participate in the pilot is Toronto’s Boutique Dispensary, Minerva Cannabis. “We’re really excited to be selected as one of the stores for the pilot project.” said Paul Macchiusi, President […]

Emerald Fields Marijuana Dispensaries: A CannaBoutique Dispo

Emerald Fields Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries offers a boutique-style cannabis store in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. This unique experience offers a high-end environment for all marijuana lovers.  Unlike other shops in the Denver metropolitan area, Emerald Fields is a boutique-style marijuana dispensary in Colorado. Boasting a sizable menu of high-end cannabis products, Emerald Fields […]

Northern Belle Holistic Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The mission at Northern Belle is to provide all cannabis consumers with a holistic way to improve health using natural ingredients. The dispensary scrubs all of its products for harmful chemicals and only provides products that will have a lasting impact on those who use them.  Marijuana is shown to help patients manage their pain […]

Healthcare Technology Startup Launches Standardized Dosing Platform

GoFire, a leading digital healthcare company, has created an innovative vaporization device with an intuitive dosing app that allows for controlled dose consumption of plant-based-concentrates. The company leverages its proprietary SMART vaporization technology to help patients find a precise dose of alternative medicine that successfully relieves a specific condition. GoFire is committed to helping patients […]

24K Gold Blunt Wraps Review & 24K Gold Rolling Papers by Shine Papers

Name/Type: 24K Gold Blunt Wraps & 24K Gold Rolling Papers by Shine Papers Rating: 4/5 Overview: So we got this cool quality gift package from Shine Papers sent to us a few weeks ago. It included a few different versions of their papers. This review is specifically about the 24K Gold Blunt Wraps & 24K […]