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Cocaine Production Soars to Record Levels, UN Reports

According to a report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), “The COVID-19 pandemic had a disruptive effect on drug markets. With international travel severely curtailed, producers struggled to get their product to market. Night clubs and bars were shut as officials ramped up their attempts to control the virus, causing demand to […]

Colombia Touts Major Increase in Cannabis Exports

The marijuana trade is thriving in Colombia. The South American country announced last month that its cannabis exports increased 96% between November 2022 and January. “The amount was US$8.4 million, thanks to the sales of 13 companies from five departments to 14 countries. Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, Israel, the United States and Germany were the […]

My Coke-Free Visit to Escobar’s Home Turf

“Do not go there!” Valentina, a 27-year-old designer living in Medellín, yelled when I told her that I planned on visiting the Casa Museo Pablo Escobar, a museum dedicated to the Colombian drug lord.  A quick Google search made me change my mind. The entrance fee to the museum is $30 – a hefty sum […]

Cannabis Legalization Bill Approved By Colombian Senate

Senators in Colombia have gathered many times over the past few weeks to discuss a cannabis legalization amendment to the constitution. On Dec. 6, the amendment was passed in a 56-3 vote. “Historic plenary approval of the project to regularize #CannabisDeUsoAdulto in its fourth debate. We made progress in changing the country’s drug policy. Great […]

House of Kush to Go Global with Clever Leaves, Bringing Classic Strains to the Masses

Classic genetics such as Bubba Kush Pre-98 and OG Kush varieties will be available on a global scale, as two powerhouses team up. On September 21, Colombia-based multinational juggernaut Clever Leaves announced a partnership with legacy brand House of Kush, to be the exclusive grower and distributor of genetics globally. Clever Leaves will produce genetics […]