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What is Needed for CBD Extraction – Cannabis Hemp Blog

You can use four machines for this type of extraction, and they are straightforward to use without much effort involved. That offers maximum efficiency to users. Extraction One piece of extraction equipment for CBD will be the alcohol system. Designed to take the plant’s essentials without harming the plant itself if possible, it has a […]

New Website Offers Interactive Listing of Marijuana-Friendly Establishments and Events – Cannabis Hemp Blog, the premiere social online directory for marijuana-friendly hotspots, serves an international audience by providing an interactive map of bars, clubs, coffee shops, events, and tours where marijuana is welcome. The website does not show where consumers can buy marijuana. Instead, it offers a list of social places where people can safely, responsibly use weed. […]

Cannabis Vacations – Cannabis Hemp Blog

New laws legalizing the recreational use of Marijuana have sparked interest all over the world to destinations in the United States, especially Colorado. Our friends at Cannabis Vacations are here to help, specializing in connecting folks with their partners at various Cannabis friendly destinations and tours. Last updated Jan 22, 2023 They are a great […]

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Smoke – Cannabis Hemp Blog

Since its inception in Guadalajara, Mexico, in the 1850s, the marijuana joint has endured in its appeal for its quick and easy consumption, its ability to facilitate social interactions, and perhaps above all, its predictability—tokers know that they’ll achieve a full and quality high with every hit they take. This is where the subject of […]

Marijuana Tourism Comes to Colorado as Recreational Pot Goes Legal – Cannabis Hemp Blog

Cannabis Connoisseurs Planning Vacations Around Legal Denver Weed Shops Colorado company The Canna Concierge is one of the first to take the leap into the world of marijuana tourism, offering three-night packages in Denver as part of the Mile High Winter Break, January 17-20, 2014.  The travel packages aim to attract out-of-state visitors eager to […]

Why Hemp and Cannabis Businesses Should Install Fire Suppression Systems – Cannabis Hemp Blog

Don’t put this task off! To better understand why you should prioritize installing fire suppression equipment throughout your property, consider the following points: Protecting Inventory You already know that boosting the safety of everyone at your dispensary or grow operation is the most critical reason to install fire suppression systems. However, it’s also worth keeping […]

How Can You Differentiate Between A Bong And A Dab Rig? – Cannabis Hemp Blog

However, this is not the best way to go for your smoking experience. When many people look at a dab rig, they see a bong and vice versa. We know how the two may confuse you as both water pipes utilize percolators to filter smoke. However, the two have significant differences, mainly depending on the […]

Nine Popular Cannabis Strains – Cannabis Hemp Blog

Not all cannabis strains are made equal, and their unique effects are a testament to that. Some strains offer simple relief from chronic pain while others have made their mark in the annals of pop culture for inducing mind-altering experiences and heightened creativity.Here are some of the most popular cannabis strains around the world and […]

How can the Cannabis Industry Overcome ‘Stoner’ Stigma Stereotypes – Cannabis Hemp Blog

1930’s Propaganda As the 1930 brought various “brainwashing” propaganda about marijuana and it’s evil ways, so did a long lasting negative stigma carry on all the way to the modern day; the stereotype that marijuana smokers are pot heads, stoners, dirty hippies, lazy, no job, stupid and unsavory. The negative stigma is a dark cloud casting […]

Cannabis Product Recommendations for First-Time Consumers – Cannabis Hemp Blog

With so many states legalizing cannabis for recreational use, you might wonder if you should try it yourself. If so, you may have quite a few questions you want answered before doing so. After all, cannabis was illegal for years and there was a lot of effort put toward demonizing the drug. Here are some […]