Can you overdose on Cannabis?

To date, no one has died from taking too much Cannabis. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that fatal overdose from Cannabis is too unlikely to happen. A person who consumes too much Cannabis may experience confusion, increased blood pressure, emotional distress, and nausea, but it is not an established fact that a person may die exclusively through Cannabis overconsumption.

Some reports have been made of death due to Cannabis overdose, but medical experts cannot clearly state if the patients have comorbidities (e.g. pre-existing heart condition).

A 2019 letter published in The New England Journal Medicine gave a detail regarding Cannabis overdose. A 52 years old man wants to stimulate his appetite during his brain tumor treatment by injecting Cannabis into his system. The man suffers from restlessness, speech problems, and confusion for two days before he submits to professional care.

Typically, the usual dose of THC is 10 milligrams only. However, he revealed that he was injecting 330 milligrams of THC during the investigation, making it 30 times stronger than the regular dose. Nevertheless, all the effects of taking too much Cannabis experienced by the man subsided after being hospitalized.

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