Levo II Review – All You Need to Know About Everyone’s Favorite Cannabutter Machine

The first thing you’ll notice about the Levo II is how perfectly innocent it looks. This is a machine you could have sitting on your counter when your very sweet (and very square) parents drop by for a visit and they’d one-hundred-percent buy your story that it’s a machine for making lavender-infused bath bombs. Which, technically, it is. Or it could be anyway. It’ll go much better than that time you tried to pass off the bong on the coffee table as a vase that just didn’t have any flowers in it yet. Because who puts water in a ‘vase’ and forgets the flower? (see what I did there?)


But it’s when you get down to actually using this bad boy that the Levo II really shines. It is simple. Idiot-proof really. Although there were obviously directions in the box, we ignored them entirely in favor of a trial and error approach, and quite frankly, there weren’t many errors. We loaded the power pod up with some Apple Fritter flower grown in the backyard of a member of Team Hail Mary Jane, hit activate, and didn’t think about it again. It was slightly less smell proof than we’d expected, but it’s also maybe not the best idea to decarb weed in a shared office space, even if the cannabis wholesale brokers down the hall routinely hotbox their office. 


levo 2 canna butter machine



Flower freshly decarbed, we then set about crafting our very own nerds ropes. And again, the Levo II made it ridiculously easy. We took the flower out of the pod, spread it on the floor of the reservoir, and loaded the rest of the reservoir with coconut oil, then retired to the patio to drink White Claws while the machine worked its magic. We couldn’t figure out how to switch it from Celcius to Farenheit (as I mentioned, direction pamphlets are not our thing over here at Hail Mary Jane) but we Googled the conversion so it didn’t really slow us down. Once the machine ran through the infuse cycle (for our coconut oil, it took a little over an hour) we just hit the button with the oil droplet on it and sweet cannabis-infused goodness flowed out. All told, the process of making the cannabis-oil required our active attention for maybe 15 minutes. When I say the Levo II makes infusing oil simple, I mean it.


But truly, the very best part of the Levo II is…the clean up! If you’ve ever tried making cannabutter yourself at home, you know that shit gets messy. There’s cheesecloth and oil all over you, your floor, your counters. It’s. A. Process. And it’s really kind of awful. But with the Levo II, you hit that little oil button, tap the leftover flower into a trash can, and drop the reservoir into a dishwasher. That’s it. 



The Levo II is currently sitting in the top spot of Hail Mary Jane’s favorite cannabutter machines. It’s sexy, simple and makes cleanup a breeze. We do have an Ardent sitting in the office waiting to be tried though, so stay tuned!

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