THC Percentage in Cannabis: How Much Is Too Much

With that said, when thinking about ‘better’ in terms of quality, the higher the levels of THC can also reflect on the level of care of the grower. This means the bud could have higher levels in all cannabinoids, major or minor, and more abundant terpenes, too. The higher the terpenes, the better the taste, and many cannabis consumers rate their cannabis-based on taste or aroma, alone.

But always keep in mind, some strains genetically output higher levels of THC on their own. So, no matter how you grow it you can expect consistent potency no matter the actual ‘quality’. Not to mention, because THC interacts individually from person to person, one high percentage strain may be ‘better’ for you than others. Generally, if you’re looking for an extraordinary experience the highest THC percentage strain is a good place to start. That just doesn’t mean, it’s the only option you have with the wide array of cannabis options available, today.

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