How long can you store Cannabis seeds for?


As much as possible, store your Cannabis seeds in a cool, dark, and dry location. When exposed to light, your Cannabis seeds will use their stored nutrients. Thus, you have to keep them away from the light because they will no longer have the nutrients to germinate when that happens. It would be best to keep your seeds in their original packaging.


You have to regulate the storage temperature between 43°-47° Fahrenheit (6°-8° Celsius). When your seeds are stored in a place with a lower temperature, the likelihood of getting germinated is low. Seasoned growers store them in a special refrigerator that is a no-frost model. They also place Cannabis seeds in the fruit and vegetable section of the fridge.

You may also try freezing your Cannabis seeds. However, it would be best if you vacuumed pack them first. Then, place them inside a dark container before freezing. Once you take them out of the freezer, you must germinate them. Please do not wait for them to thaw or melt before you germinate.


Another thing that you have to consider in storing your Cannabis seeds is humidity. Cannabis seeds need a regulated level of moisture for germination. If the humidity is too high, the seeds will rot in your storage. 8-10% humidity level is ideal for long-term storage of your Cannabis seeds. When humidity drops below 8%, insects present in the Cannabis seeds will become active and may start reproducing.


As much as possible, keep your Cannabis seeds exposed to oxygen and carbon dioxide. These gases make growing plants breathe. However, these gases help pests to thrive and may attack your Cannabis seeds. Thus, when you store your Cannabis seeds, you have to make your container as airtight as possible. It would be better if you had some vacuum-sealed plastics.

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