Banana Peel Fertilizer For Cannabis: Reusing Scraps As Organic Nutrients

How To Start Using Banana Peel Fertilizer As Organic Nutrients

Banana peels are a great source of nutrients for plants, and they can be used to make a simple and effective fertilizer. This fertilizer is rich in potassium, which is essential for plant growth, specifically during the flowering stage of cannabis. It also contains other nutrients, such as phosphorus and calcium, which can help your plants grow healthy and strong.

Once you’ve started saving your banana peels, the next step is to prepare them for use as organic nutrients for your cannabis plants. This is done by allowing the banana peels to dry out and then grinding them into a powder or steeping them into tea.

Learn how to make a simple and effective fertilizer for your plants using dried banana peels! These easy-to-make fertilizers are rich in nutrients and will help your plants grow healthy and strong.

Dried Banana Peel Nutrient Blend

In order to dry out the banana peels, you can spread them out on a flat surface in a sunny area and allow them to dry out for a few days. Once the banana peels have dried out, you can then grind them into a fine powder using a coffee grinder or a blender. Once you have a fine powder, you’re ready to start using banana peels as organic nutrients for your cannabis plants.

How To Make Dried Banana Peel Nutrient Blend

To make this fertilizer, simply place dried banana peels in a blender or food processor and pulse into a fine powder. Then, add one cup of this powder to a gallon of water and mix well. For best results, apply this fertilizer to your plants every two weeks.

DIY Banana Peel Fertilizer Tea

Banana peel fertilizer tea is an easy and effective way to fertilize your plants. Simply steep the banana peels in water for a few days and then use the water to water your plants. The nutrients in the banana peels will help to nourish your plants and promote growth. If you are looking for a natural and organic fertilizer, banana peel fertilizer tea is a great option.

How To Make Banana Peel Fertilizer Tea

What You’ll Need: 3-4 ripe banana peels, 1 gallon of water, & A large, covered container


1. Place the banana peels in the container.

2. Pour the water over the peels.

3. Place the lid on the container and let the mixture steep for 24-48 hours.

4. After 24-48 hours, remove the lid and strain the mixture.

5. Use the fertilizer immediately or store it in a cool, dark place for later use.

To use, simply dilute the fertilizer with water and apply it to your plants. This fertilizer is best used during flowering due to high levels of potassium (K). Because of the high potassium content, this cannabis banana tea has to be diluted with water before consumption. Our recommendation is to water it down to a 1:10 concentration.

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