Australian Governments to Streamline Access to Medical Cannabis – Cannabis Hemp Blog

“Patient access to medical cannabis is an important issue and we applaud the governments of Australia for reducing the wait times to access these important prescriptions,” said Derek Ivany, President and CEO of PUF Ventures Inc. “As we embark on building the largest state-of-the-art medical cannabis greenhouse in the southern hemisphere, we are encouraged to see regulators embrace […]

How To Consume Cannabis For Beginners: 8 Popular Ways

Cannabis can be consumed in many different ways, each of which offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks. With a growing acceptance of cannabis as a safe and health beneficial substance, this has led to an increase in the ways in which it can be consumed. Want To Learn How To Consume Cannabis? If […]

Irish Authorities Seize Over $3 Million Worth of Weed at Dublin Port

Law enforcement officials in Ireland on Sunday seized hundreds of pounds in “herbal cannabis” at a Dublin port, leading to the arrest of “a man in his 40s.”  According to a press release from the Irish Tax and Customs, revenue officers in the country “seized approximately 142kgs of herbal cannabis with an estimated value of […]

U.K. Lawmakers Mull Psychedelics Reform

Lawmakers in the U.K. are warming to the idea of relaxing the restrictions on psychedelics such as psilocybin.  Benzinga reports that Labor MP Charlotte Nichols “opened the discussion around the need for medical access to psilocybin-assisted therapy” by supporting “the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), the Conservative Drug Reform Group […]

Officer Shoots and Kills Tethered Dog in Weed Farm Raid Gone Wrong

A cannabis farm raid in the Emerald Triangle took a turn for the worst, leaving a dog dead, and people have questions. Los Angeles Times reports that outrage is growing as details about the incident unfold, given the farm held a license at the state level and was in the process of approval at the […]

Colorado Cannabis Industry Continues to Face Uncertainty

A recent report from The Denver Post analyzes the fallout of the post-pandemic cannabis industry in Colorado. While once the state reached a peak of $226 million in combined recreational and medical cannabis sales, current sales have decreased and small businesses struggle to stay afloat. “The market’s just bad. It’s bad right now,” cannabis salesperson […]

5 Industries Looking for Cannabis Exposure – Cannabis Hemp Blog

Cannabis investors have patiently awaited for the the market to be validated with the moving interest from established industries. The cannabis market has been full of promise and, with the potential entry of consumer goods and gigantic industries, validation is finally arriving. In November of 2017, Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC,TSX:WEED) secured a business relationship with Constellation […]

Lucy Drops Amanita Mushroom-Based Microdose Line

The ancient use of mushrooms to improve physical and mental well-being is coming back full-swing. On Monday, Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. unveiled Mindful, a functional Amanita mushroom-based product line that is now available at multiple retailers.  British Columbia, Canada-based Lucy Scientific Discovery is a psychedelics manufacturing company focused primarily on emerging psychotropics-based medicines, the latest […]

Tetra Bio-Pharma Signs Commercialization Deal for PPP001 in Israel – Cannabis Hemp Blog

Tetra Bio-Pharma (TSXV:TBP; OTCQB:TBPMF) announced the signing of a first binding term sheet for the marketing and distribution of its product PPP001 in Israel with Kamada, a pharmaceutical company. As quoted in the press release: The signing of a Definitive Distribution Agreement is expected to follow shortly. PPP001 is being developed to be the first […]

Minnesota Senate Casts Final Votes To Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

Early Saturday, the Minnesota Senate voted in favor of legalizing adult-use cannabis. The bill has been passed to the desk of Democratic Gov. Tim Walz for final approval. The bill allows Minnesota residents 21 and older to purchase up to two ounces of cannabis flower, eight grams of concentrate, and 800 milligrams worth of edible […]