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Pot Smoking Ban Takes Effect In Amsterdam’s Red Light District

A new era kicked off in Amsterdam’s Red Light District on Thursday, with a ban on smoking cannabis on the streets officially taking effect. The ban is part of a city-wide effort, pushed by Mayor Femke Halsema, to make the famous area more hospitable to its residents and workers. According to Reuters, signs “were posted […]

Ban on Outdoor Pot Smoking in Amsterdam’s Red Light District To Begin This Month

A new ordinance banning cannabis use on the streets in Amsterdam’s Red Light District is slated to take effect later this month.  The ban, officially approved by Amsterdam’s city council last week, will “come into effect from May 25 and will be enforced by police and local officials,” according to Bloomberg, which noted that violation […]

Dutch Government to Donate $1.5M to Fund CBD, Epilepsy Study

The UMC Utrecht Brain Center, in collaboration with various organizations in the Netherlands, will receive about $1.5 million (€1.4 million) from the Dutch government. Bedrocan announced the study on March 20. Previous research shows that CBD reduced seizures in children with specific epilepsy-related syndromes.  U.K.-based Cannabis Health News reports that via the government’s or ZonMW’s […]

Amsterdam Bans Cannabis Use on Streets of Red Light District

For many tourists, Amsterdam’s red light district has long been a destination to escape the laws and restrictions of their normal lives, a place where anything goes. But the people who live there, it seems, are ready to chill out. Amsterdam’s city council said last Thursday that it will ban cannabis use on the streets […]

‘Super Cartel’ Controlling Third of Europe’s Cocaine Trade Sacked by Police

Spanning across six countries in Europe and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Europol and multiple law enforcement agencies launched Operation Desert Light and took down one of the world’s largest suppliers of cocaine. According to a press release, Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, took out a 49-person “super cartel” and confiscated over 30 […]

The Netherlands To Crack Down on Nitrous Oxide Gas

Fed up with party companies renting out tanks of nitrous oxide and providing balloons and other equipment, leaders in The Netherlands are taking action. The high provided by nitrous oxide—aka laughing gas or whip-its—will no longer be tolerated in The Netherlands under a bill proposed recently. Until recently, Dutch party hosts could call up a […]