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Pot Smoking Ban Takes Effect In Amsterdam’s Red Light District

A new era kicked off in Amsterdam’s Red Light District on Thursday, with a ban on smoking cannabis on the streets officially taking effect. The ban is part of a city-wide effort, pushed by Mayor Femke Halsema, to make the famous area more hospitable to its residents and workers. According to Reuters, signs “were posted […]

Irish Authorities Seize Over $3 Million Worth of Weed at Dublin Port

Law enforcement officials in Ireland on Sunday seized hundreds of pounds in “herbal cannabis” at a Dublin port, leading to the arrest of “a man in his 40s.”  According to a press release from the Irish Tax and Customs, revenue officers in the country “seized approximately 142kgs of herbal cannabis with an estimated value of […]

U.K. Lawmakers Mull Psychedelics Reform

Lawmakers in the U.K. are warming to the idea of relaxing the restrictions on psychedelics such as psilocybin.  Benzinga reports that Labor MP Charlotte Nichols “opened the discussion around the need for medical access to psilocybin-assisted therapy” by supporting “the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), the Conservative Drug Reform Group […]

Costa Rica Grants First Medical Cannabis Cultivation License

Just over a year after legalizing hemp and medical cannabis, Costa Rica’s Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Victor Carvajal signed a resolution to grant authorization to Azul Wellness S.A. to cultivate and process medical cannabis, The Tico Times reports.  It marks the first medical cannabis license granted in the Central American country. Azul Wellness S.A. […]

Singapore Hangs Second Man in Three Weeks on Cannabis-Related Charges

For the second time in three weeks, Singapore officials executed a man by hanging for a nonviolent cannabis-related charge in what critics are calling a “killing spree.” A Malay man in Singapore, 37, whose family asked for him not to be named, was executed at Changi Prison Complex in the eastern part of the city […]

Study Says Cannabis Legalization Could Net Western Australia $243.5 Million Windfall

A newly released study found that legalizing marijuana could be a major economic boon in Australia. ABC Radio Perth reports that the study, which comes via the University of Western Australia, found that cannabis legalization could bring $243.5 million per year in the first five years to Western Australia.  According to the outlet, the study […]

Ban on Outdoor Pot Smoking in Amsterdam’s Red Light District To Begin This Month

A new ordinance banning cannabis use on the streets in Amsterdam’s Red Light District is slated to take effect later this month.  The ban, officially approved by Amsterdam’s city council last week, will “come into effect from May 25 and will be enforced by police and local officials,” according to Bloomberg, which noted that violation […]

Switzerland Continues to Expand Cannabis Research Trials

One cannabis trial covering the areas of Bern, Lucerne, and Biel, and another in Geneva, were recently approved in Switzerland. According to a press release on May 10, the SCRIPT study (safer cannabis research in pharmacies randomized controlled trial) that will cover Bern, Lucerne and Biel received approval from the both the Swiss Federal Office […]

Weed Legalization in Canada Not Linked to Increase in Car Crashes

Neither the legalization of adult-use cannabis nor the uptick in retail sales is correlated with an increase in car accidents, NORML reports. The data comes from a study published earlier this month in the Drug and Alcohol Review. Canadian scientists looked at the number of traffic accidents in Toronto both in the years prior to […]

Colombia Chamber of Representatives Passes Cannabis Legalization Bill

On May 8, the Colombian Chamber of Representatives passed a cannabis legalization bill. In the sixth of eight discussions, the bill was passed with a 98-57 vote. In Colombia, legislative acts require eight debates, and in the most recent discussion, it needed 95 votes to move forward. Rep. Juan Carlos Losada Vargas, who is also […]